Poems, etc.

Chapbook: Rain Leaping Up When a Cab Goes Past, Seven Kitchens Press, 2013

Selected poems
                        Cover photo: Judith Meyerowitz

Bloom: “Video Booth Sonnet”

Cider Press Review: “As New York Snow,” “Say You’re Walking On a Beach”

Consequence Magazine: “Unspoken at JFK”

The Good Men Project: “Targets” (reprint), “Unspoken at JFK” (reprint)

Hunger Mountain: “The Aged Director Responds”

Lambda Literary: “Dance Bar,” “Leavings”

The Louisville Review: “Crossing,” “The Stream Empties into a Field,” “Targets”

Mayday Magazine: “Across the Galaxy” (as “Company”)

Puerto del Sol: “MTA I: 3rd Ave Bus”

Stone Canoe: “All I Have,” “Last Day, Lands End,” “Morning, Delft Haven,” “Photo: Fort Sam Houston, 1984”

roger: “MTA III: Woman with OCD”

Waccamaw: “Not That You Asked”


Mayday Magazine: “Messages from Howard

Book Reviews

Lambda Literary:
   Trouble the Water, Derrick Austin
   Burning Door, Tony Leuzzi
   Straight Razor, Randall Mann
   Collective Brightness: LGBTIQ Poets on Faith, Religion & Spirituality, Kevin Simmonds, ed.

Coldfront: Begging for It, Alex Dimitrov, reprinted in Prairie Schooner